Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path

PDC + Plant Medicine + Regenerative Living

Tzununa, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

September 23, 2019 - October 18, 2019  

This unique course melds two broad interdisciplinary studies, exploring the impact the health of our environment directly has on our personal well-being, specifically working with and alongside medicinal plants. This 26-day course will cover regenerative lifestyle & design, integrated wellness and herbalism, community and social awareness by working with living plants and living people to cultivate resilience.




topics covered:

Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path includes a full 72+ hour Permaculture Design Certification course and an 80+ hour Herbal Studies course! We will be delving into many topics during our month together including:

Meta Themes: Anatomy & Physiology, Global Materia Medica, Botany, Phytochemistry, Mycology, Biology, Deep Ecology, Triple Bottom Line Business, Education Alternatives, Slow Food, Economics in Agriculture, Alternative Energies, Community Development, Herbalism in Action, Herbal First Aid and more!!

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full curriculum:

  • The World Situation in regards to environment and health care

  • What is Permaculture?: Ethics, Principles & Characteristics / What is Herbalism: Ethics, Practice and Community

  • Ecological System Basics & Bioregions / Human Ecology: Constitutions, Energetics and Basic Anatomy & Physiology

  • Design Methods & Map Reading / Patient Intakes and Basic Analysis

  • Climates, Elements & Microclimates

  • Soil Science / Human Micro-Biome

  • Earthworks / Musculo-Skeletal System

  • Water Management / Genito-Urinary System

  • Plants to Trees & Trees to Forests / Bronchial-Pulmonary System / Windbreaks and Wind Corridors

  • Patterns in Nature; Context (culture, climate, etc.) / Patterns in Health and Disease

Jocote tree/ branching of the bronchial-pulmonary system, Atitlan Organics and The Village Witch, Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path, September 23 - 18, 2019 at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
  • Zone 0: Bio-Architecture

  • Zone 1: Home Garden

  • Zone 2: Fruit Tree Forest; Animals & Orchards

  • Zone 3: Field Crops & Large Animals

  • Zone 4: Harvest Forests

  • Zone 5: Forests

Flowing stream as genito-urinary system, Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path, Integrated Permaculture Design Certification and Herbal Studies course with Atitlan Organics and The Village Witch (Punta Mona), September 23 - October 18, 2019, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

  • Wildlife Management & Integrated Pest Management / Pathophysiology

  • Ethical Investment, Land Ethics and Access, Incomes from Acres / Medicine Making

  • Suburban & Urban Permaculture / Free Clinics, Street Medics and Herbalism as Activism

  • Ecovillages / Invisible Structure Models

  • Design for Disaster / Preventative Medicine




workshops and field trips:

  • Tour of Atitlan Organics Permaculture Farm and food forest

  • Sharing circles and group activities

  • Compost making, biofermentation, and micro-organisms

  • Medicine making

  • Wild crafting

  • Plant spirit medicine meditation

  • Permaculture design group project focused on wellness

  • Garden design

  • Bio-char workshop

  • On-site analysis

  • Field trip to Quix’aya (“Heart of Water”), a self-organized Maya Permaculture-inspired community.

  • Field trip to the Fungi Academy

  • Plant meditation and lunar celebrations

  • Temezcal (Meso-American sauna)

  • Cacao party and Plant Prom!




Laura Palmieri in the field, Lead Facilitator for Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path, 72+ hour Permaculture Design Certification course and 80+ hour Herbal Studies course September 23 - October 18, 2019 at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Laura Palmieri, Lead facilitator (HErbalism & Permaculture)

Laura “Lala” is a biologist, botanist, herbalist, gardener and permaculturist, with a lifetime working with plants. Lala was raised in a greenhouse in Guatemala, cultivating orchids, building living walls and aquaponic systems. She has been at Punta Mona for four years as a permaculture & herbalism educational facilitator and mentor to apprentices and volunteers. Lala co-leads the Village Witches herbal clinic at Cosmic Convergence and Envision festival with Sarah Wu, organizes free clinics for disaster relief around the world, and teaches herbalism immersion courses here at Punta Mona and at Fungi Academy. She is passionate about life and all living creatures.

Sarah Wu, Lead facilitator for Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path: a 72+ Permaculture Design Certification course and 80+ hour Herbal Studies course September 23 - October 18, 2019 at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

sarah wu, Lead Facilitator (Herbalism & Permaculture)

Sarah is a clinical herbalist of 19 years, studying and practicing planetary eclectic herbalism with a foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Wise Woman Reclaiming philosophy, focusing on food-based healing and local ethnobotanical traditions. Sarah leads trainings and workshops in herbal medicine, Permaculture Design Courses, Therapeutic Deep Ecology, Social Permaculture, field-to-the-plate holistic nutrition and herbal first aid. She is a passionate mentor and educator, who believes in the teacher’s role in unlocking the innate wisdom of the student. Sarah is the co-founder of the Village Witches project, and is a Co-Founder and Co-producer of Envision Festival.

Shad Qudsi, Co-Founder, Atitlan Organics. Facilitator on upcoming Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path September 23, 2019 - October 18, 2019

Shad Qudsi, Co-Facilitator (Permaculture)

Shad Qudsi has 15 years experience in organic and commercial gardening and farming. He is certified in Permaculture Design and has over 9 years experience in holistic site development and homesteading. Shad originally set out to study mathematics and work in big business, but long ago had a change of heart. He can now be found dancing in his garden in Tzununa. Aside from all of this, Shad is an enthusiastic teacher who truly believes in the work he is doing. Human resiliency cannot be erased from the landscape and now, it is coming back with a gentle loving caress.




We have teamed up with the Bambu Guest House to provide accommodations during your four week stay in Tzununa.  The "Bambu" was opened in 2015 as a site to house our permaculture volunteers and students. As such, it was founded out of a deep commitment to meaningful and sustainable living.

You will settle into the rhythms of nature during your stay at the beautiful naturally-built hotel nestled into the mountains surrounding Lake Atitlan. Wake to the sounds of running water from the nearby stream and enjoy sunrise over the lake and volcanoes from your balcony; nourish yourself with organic and farm-fresh meals made with love by the warm and attentive kitchen staff; stretch out on the beautiful new deck; hike 15 minutes to the farm at Atitlan Organics to check out Permaculture in action; unwind with a hot shower and catch up with loved ones over wi-fi (or chill out with a book from our extensive library); and if you're lucky, catch a nighttime volcano show from Volcan Fuego. 

Lodging is shared in light and spacious rooms, each one equipped with a private bathroom with hot water, a balcony overlooking the lake and volcanoes, and wi-fi. Communal space includes a comfy open-air lounge and dining room and a breath-taking yoga platform. Three vegetarian meals per day are provided.

Participants of Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path have two room options to choose from:

Guest Room, Bambu Guest House, lodging for Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path course, September 23, 2019 - October 18, 2019 Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


The spacious and airy guest room sleeps 4 people comfortably and offers a private bathroom and shower with hot running water, wifi, and a balcony with chairs and a hammock. Beautiful views of the lake and mountains and the soothing sounds of birds and the nearby stream filter into the room, soothing you into peace.  


Loft Room at the Bambu Guest House, accommodations for Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path course at Atitlan Organics, September 23, 2019 - October 18, 2019 Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Large Shared Dorm

Our large shared dorms sleep 6 - 8 people comfortably. Huge panorama windows let in incredible natural light, while the variety of bedding options gives everyone what they'd like. As with all our rooms, it has its own private bathroom and shower with hot water, wifi, and a balcony with chairs and a hammock. 

1 spot left!




Tuition for the 26-day Permaculture for the Herbalist’s Path course includes:

  • 72+ hour Permaculture Design Certification course + certificate upon completion

  • 80+ hour Herbal Studies course:

  • Field trips, course materials, lecture, forum, and activities

  • Student manual

  • Weekly saunas

  • Cacao party and Plant Prom!

  • 26 days of full accommodations at the Bambu Guest House with three vegetarian meals per day plus coffee and tea, snacks, and dessert.

Available for an additional price: Arrival and departure transportation, laundry service, extra items at the Bambu Guest House’s farm-to-table restaurant (smoothies, snacks, coconut water, etc.)

The full price is $2,495 (Guest Room) or $2,295 (Large Shared Dorm). Special tuition is available for Central Americans. Please send us a message if this applies to you!



daily flow

6:00 - 7:00 am: Morning Yoga, Plant Meditation, & Plant Walks (optional)

7:00 - 8:30 am: Breakfast

9:00 - 12:00 pm: Class Time

12:30 - 2:30 pm: Lunch Break

2:30 - 5:30 pm: Class Time

6:00 - 7:00 pm: Dinner

7:00 - 8:00 pm: Occasional night activities (optional)

You will have three full days off.



Spaces are limited on this course: please download and complete the application and return to to reserve your spot!



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