Blog about your experience on our farm and earn $

At the moment we are looking for people to blog on their experience at Atitlan Organics. PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR STORY!

- Minimum stay of Two Weeks to be eligible to submit a story

- After the first week of getting oriented, you may submit one story per week, starting on your second week

- As seen in the Form below, you must submit a minimum of 4 keywords or tags, as well as a link to GOOGLE DRIVE folder with a minimum of 4 photos to accompany the story. 

- Once you submit the form we will review your story, create an actual blog post on the Atitlan Organics Blog and then send you a live link.

- In order to get paid, you must share the blog link on your Facebook page and Mention Atitlan Organics and Geo-tag Atitlan Organics in the post.

- Once we see this on Facebook, we will pay Q50 per article.  

***If you manage an influential blog or website and feel that a post by you may be considerably more valuable, please let us know here.

Please use the form below to submit your entry. 

Name *
Please give us 4 tags for this blog. For example Tzununa, chickens, composting, farm, organic... etc
It is required that you upload a minimum of 4 photos to a google folder and post the link below.