Plant Division: Garlic Chives

Last week we looked at root division, so today we'll take a look at plant division to really highlight the difference between these two similar-sounding methods of plant propagation.

Taking a look at how these garlic chives grow, we see that there is no viable seed and that they are not woody and upright. Question number 3 in our plant dialogue is: are there lots of you clumped together, or babies growing around a bigger plant? With chives, we clearly see that it's a yes. Many individual plants are all growing close together. Dig out a clump and bring it on over to your Plant Propagation Station

First, cut off some of the shoot to respect the Root-Shoot Ratio. Separate the clumps into individual plants or bunches of 2 growing together. I also like to prune the roots back a bit; this both helps them to fit into the bag or tray I'll be starting the new plants in, and helps the plants to start fresh. 

All perennial alliums, such as chives, can be propagated in this manner. Always plant them deeper than you think! They new plants can be re-planted in either bags or box. If you're using a bag, use the weight of the bag itself to compact and settle the soil as you're planting. You don't want any air because all the roots should be in full contact with the soil. And lastly, don't forget to water!

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