200-Hour Sacred Earth Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga + leadership + permaculture immersion

Tzununa, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

   november 1 - 28, 2018

Journey to the Mayan Heartland for a transformational experience with Atitlan Organics and Awakened Spirit Yoga. Deepen your practice and feel the subtle but profound shifts that happen when you embrace sustainable and holistic practices. Drawing on the wisdom of both ancient yogic philosophy and Mother Earth herself, this 4-week course teaches the foundations of yoga through asana, breathwork, and mindfulness. Embedded within the training is Atitlan Organic's Permaculture Immersion, which gives participants the chance to come to a deeper and more symbiotic relationship with the natural world. Highly recommended for yogis, change-makers, innovators, activists, seed planters, or anyone who believes in transformation.



Course components


• Build your personal practice and gather concrete tools to embody the wisdom of The 4 Paths of Yoga, and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
• Gain a greater understanding of the neurological, emotional, and physical effects of yoga
• Learn how to nurture compassionate relationships, healthy families and a peaceful, sustainable world through the practices of yoga and mindfulness
• Address issues of diversity, social justice, inclusion, and safety in a variety of contexts
• Explore the potential of matching ecological integrity with human needs through permaculture design and sustainable living practices
• Connect with nature to inform your journey
• Discover your own unique set of assets and tools
• Learn and apply sustainable project design tools to support a local community project
• Better understand how to design and manage a project in alignment with your values, skills, passion and leadership style


• Discover the resources, inspiration, and community support you are seeking to change lives through yoga
• Connect to your inner teacher and learn how to leverage your skills and strengths with your unique purpose
• Nourish your mind, body and spirit, and be provided with the tools to create positive change with intention, confidence, and a fresh perspective
• Return home with a renewed sense of purpose and passion, expanded networking and community organizing skills, and the heartfelt inspiration you need to continue making a difference in the world


• In-depth training 5.5 days a week
• 1.5 days of unscheduled time to study and explore
• 4 weeks of accommodations at Atitlán Organics' Bambu Guest House (community living focused on harmonious relationships with the planet!)
• 3 delicious, organic vegetarian meals per day
• Daily yoga and meditation classes
• Cacao and sound ceremony
• Permaculture immersive
• Illustrated Awakened Spirit Yoga Teacher Training Manual
• 200 hour Awakened Spirit Yoga Teacher Certification (YTT)*

*received upon successful completion of the program

your stay

Participants settle into the rhythms of nature during their 4 week stay at the Bambu Guest House, a beautiful naturally-built hotel nestled into the mountains surrounding Lake Atitlan. Wake to the sounds of running water from the nearby stream and enjoy sunrise over the lake and volcanoes from your balcony; nourish yourself with organic and farm-fresh meals made with love by our friendly and attentive kitchen staff; become inspired by the amazing teachings of Awakened Spirit Yoga on our beautiful new yoga platform; hike 15 minutes to neighboring Atitlan Organics to see the world in a whole new light thanks to Shad's permaculture teachings; unwind with a hot shower and catch up with loved ones over wi-fi (or chill out with a book from our extensive library); and if you're lucky, catch a nighttime volcano show from (far-off) Volcan Fuego. 

Lodging is shared in light and spacious rooms, each one equipped with a private bathroom with hot water, a balcony overlooking the lake and volcanoes, and wi-fi. Communal space includes a comfy open-air lounge and dining room and a breath-taking yoga platform. Three vegetarian meals per day are provided, as well as snacks, tea, and coffee. 

Previous participants share:

"Julia, Kristine, and Lila. . . have given us the tools, confidence, and inspiration to take the training off the mat and into the world to promote positive change."  - Autumn
"Lake Atitlan . . . is such a magical place." - Sharna
"It was interesting to see the combination of Permaculture and Yoga, and the interconnectedness of both of these holistic philosophies . . . It suddenly makes sense to me how I can combine the two things."  - Larissa
"I really enjoyed learning the Permaculture Principles and seeing how I could start to integrate them into my daily life."  - Grace
"The lodging here is incredible . . . it was beyond my expectation. I feel really grateful to be here." - Vala



The training and accommodations cost $3,395 USD . This price includes all classes, workshops, field trip and training manuals, as well as all food and lodging at the Bambu Guest House for the duration of the course.