Here at Atitlan Organics, we think that small-scale food production and localized resource utilization is the wave of the future. We are proud to spread the word of permaculture, nutrient dense food production, local resource utilization, and other sustainable practices, as these are the areas where we can effect the most positive change in our lives and communities. 

Studying Permaculture and Natural Building at Atitlan Organics is a great way to fast track your understanding of natural systems and how to interact with them. We have built an educational, yet also fully-functional, profitable, and off-the-grid permaculture farm. The systems in place allow visitors and students to experience the theory in real time. Furthermore, there are plenty of undeveloped areas for new experimentation.


$575.00 usd

This weeklong intensive course provides an empowering, functional, and affordable introduction to permaculture design, with a variety of lectures, hands-on practicals, and group discussions. Through a series of dynamic facilitators, field trips, food harvesting, and other fruitful experiences, participants have no other choice but to discover fresh perspectives. This course covers about 70% of the full PDC at a fraction of the cost. Great for travelers and people interested in learning while on the road. Price includes the course, plus three meals a day, snacks, coffee/tea, and dessert, as well as shared lodging at the Bambu Guest House.

permaculture design courses

$1295.00 - $1495.00 USD

Our 90+ hour Permaculture Design Courses are internationally recognized certification courses including the full curriculum, offered in collaboration with the MesoAmerican Institute of Permaculture (IMAP) and The Yoga Forest. These courses are abundantly full of hands-on experience, practical application, theoretical design, and fresh perspective. Our collaboration with IMAP applies additional focus on indigenous knowledge and its relation to natural cycles. The Yoga Forest offers emphasis on connection between the body, mind & landscape. Price includes lodging and all food at both sites.


$575.00 USD

Join Oliver Goshey for a week of building with nature. Each day will bring a new hands-on technique and a class/lecture on topics including natural foundation systems, loadbearing and non-loadbearing mass wall systems, cob and adobe benches and ovens, earthen floors, and clay and lime-based plasters. The course will focus on the start-to-finish constructon of a rocket stove/oven at a local famlies house. This is a great way to learn loads while giving back to the community you are visitng. Price includes course, three meals a day, snacks, coffee/tea, and shared lodging at the Bambu Guest House.

yoga teacher training + pdC certification

$3750.00 - $4800.00 USD

Journey with us to one of the most beautiful places on earth! Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of yoga and discover how sustainability principles can radically shift the way that you live and empower your highest potential. This unique program integrates ancient wisdom, the intelligence of nature and the principles of permaculture to create positive change on an individual and community level. Join us for this immersion designed to connect with your body, mind, spirit and community. We offer the opportunity to crowdfund your tuition to engage your community in your transformational journey. .