Ego/Eco Retreat:

A workshop on social permaculture

february 19-21, 2018

Anyone who has studied permaculture has surely come across the 3 Ethics: Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share. If we're being honest, most permaculture literature and work is focused on Earth Care, although it is but one of the three pillars. People Care seems to be much harder to understand and put into action, and therefore often ends up neglected. But it is obvious that if we only adapt Earth Care techniques while keeping the same destructive social systems in place, nothing will change! That's why we're so excited to be offering this new collaboration with Isabelle Fortier, founder of Ego/Eco. Join us for a transformational three-day exploration of social permaculture and human connection this February! 




This is your invitation to unite, enter into yourself, meet the other and to connect with nature! Ego/Eco is an opportunity to re-imagine the world, to build momentum and to be part of the solution. Permaculture is an amazing tool to transition towards a world that is fair, sustainable and coherent. But even then we can still feel unhappiness and live inequalities. Social permaculture allows us to explore our inner self in order to better relate to others and to learn to live together. The intention of this workshop is to take a moment to reflect and see where you are at in your life. Recognize what is blocking you and to move towards being in full coherence with your deepest values. We will take time to see how, with our unique and individual gifts, we can contribute to this great moment and to become an actor of change.

In undergoing this deep transformation we will rely on an Aboriginal initiatory tale, and reflect on the stories that we’ve been told by society and by ourselves. Self-transformation involves listening to yourself and your needs, and as the body is a wonderful tool for entering into oneself we will use qi gong and meditation to gain a heightened self-awareness. Once connected to ourselves, we will learn to understand each other better and connect to nature in a new way. This workshop will also remind us that we belong to something that is much bigger than each of us, so that we are able to align our actions in support ourselves, others and the earth. Our techniques come from different fields of study including non-violent communication and psycho-corporal therapy, but the overall focus grows out of the social permaculture approach called “The work That Reconnects” by Joanna Macy.

We are offering this amazing 3-day retreat with lodging, meals and snack included for only $300! register now to save your space:

where you'll stay

During the retreat all participants will stay at the Bambu Guest House, a brand new, natural building in the small Maya town of Tzununa, Guatemala. Boasting bathrooms and balconies in each room, new comfy beds, wifi, super hot water, and amazing views of Lake Atitlan, the Bambu Guest House is proof that natural building can be luxurious. 

Atitlan Organics works closely with the Bambu Guest House, which is a five minute walk from the farm and the place where the participants stay for the duration of the course. The Bambu Guest House has a Farm-to-Table Restaurant that serves up delicious and filling plates mainly composed of Atitlan Organics' and other local farm products. Currently, Atitlan Organics supplies all of the milk, yogurt, cheese, salads, cooking greens, honey, coffee, chicken, taro root, pigeon peas, and herbs to the restaurant.  The restaurant is run by three young, local, aspiring chefs named Antonio, Maricela, and Petrona. They are amazing!

The Bambu Guesthouse is only a 10-minute walk from the lakeshore and a 45-minute walk from the town of San Marcos. San Marcos is the neighbouring town, which offers a vibrant nightlife, a plethora of vegetarian and specialty restaurants, and health food markets. It is easily accessible by tuk tuk and lancha for a small cost (5-10Q per person). 

Questions? Concerns? Don't hesitate to

 Isabelle Fortier, Ego/Ego Retreat

Isabelle fortier

Founder of Ego/Eco
Social entrepreneur, social artist and bodypsychotherapist.

Isabelle brings decades of experience into this retreat. For nearly 20 years she has worked in social permaculture, and previous to that she facilitated and led spiritual life and community involvement in a school where she offered training programs related to relationship counseling, stress management, conflict management, bereavement and intercultural relations. She created several social art projects including an intercultural theater education program that has been presented in various conferences in Quebec and France.

Hoping to evolve her approach towards a deeper connection with Nature, and also attaching great importance to artistic exploration as a tool for personal and social progress, she founded Égo / Éco as a social enterprise that unites self-transformation and collective uprising.

Her approach is influenced by her Bachelor's degree in Intervention Theater and her studies in education, international cooperation, psycho-physical therapy and permaculture. She draws on Joanna Macy's work on social permaculture, Augusto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed, and her 20 years of improvised dance practice. Meditation, Qi Gong and authentic movement bring a quality of presence to her approach.