Permaculture for Holistic Community Development

Join us for a unique Permaculture Design course which focuses on wellness, Permaculture, and community. This cutting edge PDC combines the ecological understandings of Permaculture with the tools and wisdom of yoga, and applies it to community development to realize truly regenerative solutions. Using the convergence of self-care, earth-care, and community development we can design relationship-based systems which are sustaining to ourselves, the earth, and others around us. Come learn to leverage your potential to empower your life and the lives of others.

Taught by the amazing facilitators of Atitlan Organics and Awakened Spirit Yoga, this course awards participants both an internationally recognized certificate in Permaculture Design as well as 30 hours of continuing education credits with the Yoga Alliance. Perfect for: change makers who want to explore wellness as a path to more sustainable impact; farmers interested in exploring community wellness and community supported agriculture; community activists seeking a holistic model for change and broader impact; development workers who want to transform the ecological impacts of their projects; yoga teachers interested in creating an ecological foundation for their teaching and practice; and educators interested in integrating ecological and personal wellness into programs.

March 28 - April 18, 2020 





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topics covered

Meta Themes: How your everyday choices can align with a broader vision for a better world / Innovative and regenerative solution design as a path to empowering communities / Mindful leadership for change / How the tools and wisdom of yoga can support self-care as a foundation to fuel the work that we do in the world / Exploration of intentional communities / How yoga and permaculture are synergistic approaches to creating meaningful change in the world

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Week 1: Self-Care

* The Permaculture principles as applied to the self

* Self as ecosystem

* [Yoga as a creative response to change]

* [Meditation as observation]

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Week 2: Earth Care

* Understanding natural systems design and the establishment of 3 major land types within a site

* Earthworks, swales, contours, and deep site modification

* Water management, capture, and efficient use

* Permaculture gardening techniques, fundamentals of soil, and fertility management

* Sustainable animal systems, wetlands integration, and other innovative land-use strategies

* Food forest establishment

* Seed banks and plant propagation

* Value adding, fermentation, and handling abundance

* Small-scale, sustainable, land-based business opportunities

* Aquaculture

* Natural building

* Alternative technology

* Design for climate change and resilience to Natural disasters


Week 3: Community Development

* Visits to intentional communities

* [Leadership—elaborate!]

* Participate in a Permaculture inspired, holistic community development project.

* Group design projects focused on community development

* Social Permaculture

* Non Violent Communication

* Community-based alternatives and invisible structures



Your Stay

During the course participants will stay in the Bambu Guest House, a super beautiful eco-hotel in the indigenous village of Tzununa. Built from all local and natural materials, the Bambu embodies the principles of Permaculture and Natural Building. All guest rooms are big and bright, and come equipped with private bathrooms with hot water, wifi, comfy beds and balconies with hammocks and amazing views of Lake Atitlan and the volcanoes. The Bambu’s farm-to-table restaurant is supplied by Atitlan Organics and other local producers and serves 3 fresh, delicious meals a day plus snacks, dessert, tea and coffee. The Bambu Guest House proves that luxury and sustainability can go hand-in-hand!



Permaculture in the community: our story

plug into a high-impact, Permaculture inspired community development project!

Awakened Spirit Yoga and Atitlan Organics are collaborating with Wellkind to implement appropriate grass roots solutions that respond to the needs of the community, are self sustaining, and require minimal resource input in order to improve wellbeing among the indigenous population.  Using the lens of permaculture and regeneration, program activities are led by youth from the community and will result in improved nutrition and local economic development for families and farmers, and ecological restoration and diversification for the Lake Atitlan region. During your training with us you will have an opportunity to contribute to our collective vision for a kinder, more well and equitable world. Your participation in this project is one of the ways we hope to create a net positive impact through responsible tourism and regenerative community development in the village and surrounding areas.




What Makes Permaculture for Holistic Community Development Unique?

This is the first Permaculture Design Certification course that we know of with a deep focus on community impact work and self-development, and which also provides continuing education credits with the Yoga Alliance.

Very rarely do you find such a holistic approach to community empowerment. We have observed that most so-called solutions value only one of the 3 crucial aspects of self-care, earth care, and community development, which leads to a fraction of a complete solution. Focusing solely on self-care leaves people desiring a deeper connection with their surroundings; focusing solely on earth care leaves one disconnected from their wider community; and focusing solely on community development can lead to burnout. Taken together, however, these three areas create the magic trifecta of healthy people, healthy land, and healthy communities.




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