Studying Permaculture in Central America offers amazing opportunities to learn from indigenous cultures, rich natural patterns, and enormous diversity. Permaculture in Central America is representative of the edge effect or Edge Valuing Principle of Design. As one of the world’s centres of biodiversity, Central America attracts people from all over the world interested in learning through nature. Permaculture practices can be seen in action via the surviving indigenous traditions that are common in Central America. 

These 90+ hour certification courses are internationally recognized courses with the full curriculum, as laid out by Bill Mollison and Dave Holmgren, filled with a mix of theoretical design methodologies and hands-on practical experience. Additional focus is also applied on permaculture-inspired, land-based, sustainable business development. Course content and training is applicable to all climate types and regions. Designed for aspiring design professionals, permaculturalists, farmers and gardeners, architects, engineers, scientists, and all other professionals who are interested in learning and promoting a more sustainable, nature-based approach to their work.


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Over the years we have crafted an in-depth, dynamic curriculum that we are very proud of. We cover all elements of permaculture, from its guiding ethics and principles to hands-on strategies of garden bed creation and soil loss prevention; from invisible structures and fair share to the implementation of successful permaculture-based enterprises; from animal husbandry and care to natural building and sustainable technology. Depending on your specific PDC, you may receive a lesson on Mayan Cosmology and indigenous agriculture, or on the design and implementation of a successful market garden, or on the importance of inner work such yoga and meditation as a part of permaculture. No previous experience or training in Permaculture is needed to take this course. Your days will be filled with amazing insight and discoveries! 




We offer unique pdcs for all interests!

We know that you've got lots of interest and we think that's great! While all our PDCs are firmly founded in Permaculture, each one explores a related area of regenerative living so that no matter what your background, you can join a PDC that is perfect for you. By teaming up with other world-class Permaculture teachers, we have been able to craft courses which offer high quality instruction in Permaculture and related fields. PDCs on offer in 2018 include:

Permaculture design certification at the yoga forest

In collaboration with the Yoga Forest. You will spend the first week of this PDC at the Yoga Forest, a Permaculture-designed yoga center in San Marcos. During your stay there, you can take part in optional yoga classes every morning.

August 17-31, 2019


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Permaculture design certification + mayan traditions and cosmology

In collaboration with The MesoAmerican Institute of Permaculture. This course explores the synthesis between the ancient and the modern, models of regenerative living offered by both and how we can understand our place in the world using each.

$1495 International / $1195 Central American
December 1-15 2019


Permaculture Design Certification Course, PDC, Permaculture, IMAP, Atitlan Organics, Permaculture Course, Regenerative Design, Regenerative Agriculture, Sustainability, Tzununa, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America



all COURSEs include:

Lodging at the beautiful Bambu Guest House, a naturally-built hotel on stunning Lake Atitlan.

3 meals a day plus snacks, coffee and tea at the Bambu's amazing farm-to-table restaurant. It's seriously plate-licking good! 

Facilitation, field trip excursions, course material, note packs, and other electronic information. 

Permaculture Design Certification Course, PDC, Field Trip, Excursions, Atitlan Organics, Permaculture, Course, Sustainability, Regenerative Agriculture, Regenerative Design, Tzununa, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America


daily schedule:

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Travel and Logistics

Participants are expected to arrive by 4pm, but are welcome to come and check in at the Bambu Guest House/IMAP/The Yoga Forest any time throughout the day (see your Welcome Email upon registration for course-specific arrival locations).

Once the course starts, all food, lodging, training, and travel is covered and included in the cost of the workshop. We often travel on local pickups, which makes all excursions fun and exciting. Adventure travel!

We can help arrange shuttles to and from the airport, Antigua, or anywhere else. Just let us know if you need this service.

Upon writing us to express interest, we will send an FAQ and a food allergy questionnaire. We can accommodate almost all requests including vegan, gluten free, and vegetarian diets, etc.

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