Course components


• Build your personal practice and gather concrete tools to embody the wisdom of The 4 Paths of Yoga, and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
• Gain a greater understanding of the neurological, emotional, and physical effects of yoga
• Learn how to nurture compassionate relationships, healthy families and a peaceful, sustainable world through the practices of yoga and mindfulness
• Address issues of diversity, social justice, inclusion, and safety in a variety of contexts
• Explore the potential of matching ecological integrity with human needs through permaculture design and sustainable living practices
• Connect with nature to inform your journey
• Discover your own unique set of assets and tools
• Learn and apply sustainable project design tools to support a local community project
• Better understand how to design and manage a project in alignment with your values, skills, passion and leadership style


• Discover the resources, inspiration, and community support you are seeking to change lives through yoga
• Connect to your inner teacher and learn how to leverage your skills and strengths with your unique purpose
• Nourish your mind, body and spirit, and be provided with the tools to create positive change with intention, confidence, and a fresh perspective
• Return home with a renewed sense of purpose and passion, expanded networking and community organizing skills, and the heartfelt inspiration you need to continue making a difference in the world


• In-depth training 5.5 days a week
• 1.5 days of unscheduled time to study and explore
• 4 weeks of accommodations at Atitlán Organics' Bambu Guest House (community living focused on harmonious relationships with the planet!)
• 3 delicious, organic vegetarian meals per day
• Daily yoga and meditation classes
• Cacao and sound ceremony
• Permaculture immersive
• Illustrated Awakened Spirit Yoga Teacher Training Manual
• 200 hour Awakened Spirit Yoga Teacher Certification (YTT)*

*received upon successful completion of the program

Previous participants share:

"Julia, Kristine, and Lila. . . have given us the tools, confidence, and inspiration to take the training off the mat and into the world to promote positive change."  - Autumn
"Lake Atitlan . . . is such a magical place." - Sharna
"It was interesting to see the combination of Permaculture and Yoga, and the interconnectedness of both of these holistic philosophies . . . It suddenly makes sense to me how I can combine the two things."  - Larissa
"I really enjoyed learning the Permaculture Principles and seeing how I could start to integrate them into my daily life."  - Grace
"The lodging here is incredible . . . it was beyond my expectation. I feel really grateful to be here." - Vala