Bring a Group to Tzununa

Atitlan Organics and The Bambu Guest House specialize in hosting groups that are inspired to learn and practice creative regenerative living. The Bambu Guest House really feels like a home, where small groups can settle in to learn about each other and all the amazing things happening nearby. Our friendly staff will help you feel comfortable and catered to, so that you and your group are free to focus on what matters to you, whether that be yoga, dance, permaculture, holistic nutrition, or anything else! We're here to help bring your dream to life and spread inspiration.


what we can do for you:

At the Bambu Guest House, we focus on hosting small groups. We offer four very large shared rooms, each equipped with private bath, hot water, wifi, and balcony with views of lake and volcanoes. Working closely with Atitlan Organics, the hotel's Farm-to-Table Restaurant features fresh organic food from right next door. We can cater to most any dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, lactose and gluten intolerances. We have several large common areas to practice yoga, lead workshops, or just hang out. We can also offer kitchen access to guests, if desired, and can arrange transport to and from the airport, or any other part of the country. 

More info about The Bambu Guest House here 

We're here to help you have the experience of a lifetime, and with our knowledge of the area we can help to create a custom itinerary for your group. We can arrange tours, hikes, kayak trips, Spanish lessons, fishing, and basically anything. And of course, we would always recommend that your group spend at least a morning on the farm!!! 

We invite group leaders to bring a group and build an itinerary around a special interest shared by the group. We can help to promote your retreat if desired, but it would generally depend on the group leader to fill the course. We are happy to host groups of at least four people, and with four full paying participants the leader comes for free. Up to 22 people.


where you stay

Our "more-than-a-dorm" shared rooms offer a comfortable and luxurious place to greet the sun or unwind at the end of the day. Balconies in each room are equipped with hammocks to take in the sunrise or catch a volcano erupting, if you're lucky! Hot showers in each bathroom are heated with a passive solar system with gas back-up. Soothing river sounds drift up into the room to lull you to sleep. Our newly built yoga and workshop platform is an amazing space for groups to mingle or just to grab some hammock time. Our "living room" offers cozy seating, an extensive library, and a projector.


What you eat

Our talented kitchen staff prepares meals inspired by fresh seasonal produce, always featuring food from Atitlan Organics and other local growers. Our kitchen is dedicated to serving groups and able to meet a wide range of dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, lactose and gluten intolerance.  In addition to three buffet-style healthy and filling meals we provide two fruit-based snacks a day. We also offer unlimited organic coffee and herbal tea straight from the farm. Our top priority is that your group's participants have all their needs met, are comfortable, well-fed, and happy!



Our normal price for groups is as follows:

- Q300 per person per day($40) includes a space in the guest house, as well as breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, coffee, tea, and fruit/snack (usually twice a day).

- We also ask for a non-refundable $300 deposit (per week) to reserve the dates in the Bambu Guest House. While this is non-refundable, if your retreat does not work out as planned, but happens at a later available date, we can roll this deposit over to a different course date.